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Enjoy the diversity of cultures and best attractions in the Middle East region, Europe, Asia, Africa, and more through picking one of our middle east tours. Integrate the exquisite Ancient Egyptian civilization with colorful India, Modern Dubai, Wild Africa, historical Jordan, the blue pearl Morocco, the real Turkey, and beyond to make the best use of Multi-country Tours. Explore the wonders of different countries and witness the diversity of history and cultures all in one package. It's time to explore and embrace diversity. Book your Middle East Tour Now!.
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14 Days - 2 Countries

Enjoy the Beauty of Greece combined with the history and glory of Egypt in this Greece Egypt 14 day travel package. Don't miss the chance and Book now with Memphis Tours!

from $2700
8 Days - 2 Countries

Enjoy one of the best Jordan and Egypt combined tours, including the highlights of Jordan & Egypt, starting in Amman and Petra and end your tour in Cairo to see the beauty of the history in 8 days only.




You will see the amazing Roman monuments in Jordan. Starting by the town of Madaba, Mt Nebo, floating in the Dead Sea, then Flying to Egypt to adventure your Cairo sightseeing tour and More.

from $1129
20 Days - 3 Countries

Discover the delights of South America in Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia on a tailor-made amazing tour. You will experience touring Buenos Aires, Mendoza, La Paz, and more. Don’t miss out and Book now!

from $4299
16 Days - 2 Countries

Planning for a unique Latin America tour? Now, you will travel the world in just 16 days, exploring all the attractions of Argentina, Chile, and Santiago de Chile. Make your dream true and Book now!

from $2065
15 Days - 3 Countries

Don’t know where to go this summer? Visiting the iconic city of Buenos Aires, strolling through the streets of Colonia and the beaches of Punta del Este, ending in the Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Book now!

from $2050
24 Days - 4 Countries

A lot of places you must visit in South America, we pick you the top must-see places in Latin America. You will explore Bogota, Cartagena, Lima, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and much more. Book now!

from $3275
10 Days - 2 Countries

Explore Egypt and Jordan tours to see the most well-known scenes of Egypt and Jordan like the Giza Pyramids or take a Nile River cruise from Luxor to Aswan and visit Roman Jerash, Petra city and more!

from $1799
16 Days - 2 Countries

Discover Turkey and Egypt in style, touring the best monumental sites of Tureky such as Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Monk’s Valley in Cappadocia and Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, then fly to Egypt exploring its wonders like Giza Pyramids with Nile cruise journey from Luxor to aswan in Upper Egypt.

from $2895
12 Days - 2 Countries

Visit Egypt and Dubai. See the most important spots in Egypt like Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and more. In Dubai, explore the modern Dubai, Burj Khalifa and more.

from $2050
15 Days - 2 Countries

Enjoy this 15 day Turkey and Greece tour package and discover the splendors and history of both countries. Explore the culture of Turkey and Greece closely. Book your Tour Now! 

from $2235
27 Days - 7 Countries

Explore the new 7 wonders of the world: Rome’s Colosseum, Petra, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu and Christ the Redeemer in Rio. Book Now!

from $10275
12 Days - 2 Countries

An unusual trip through history to explore the mysterious greatness of the pharaohs whilst sailing along the Nile Valley in Egypt, then move to see the magnificent monuments in Jordan from Amman to Petra.



Get your itinerary and enjoy your tour to Egypt Jordan.

from $2179
7 Days - 2 Countries

A unique experience takes you back through history in 7 days, starting with Egypt touCaring iro with its ancient sightseeing before heading to Jordan to see the legendary 'Red-Rose City' of Petra and other sights.

from $999
8 Days - 2 Countries

Book your 8-Day Dubai and Egypt Tours and enjoy a mixture of history and modernity while visiting both Cairo and Dubai. Combine the incredible architecture of modern Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

from $795
15 Days - 2 Countries

Have a chance to enjoy the best cities of  Egypt and Morocco. Start your trip with the fascinating ancient life by visiting Cairo and finally take a nile cruise to visit Luxor and Aswan. Then fly to Morocco to enjoy the top four cities Casablanca, Rabat, Fez and Marrakesh. 

from $2710